Top 10 Florida Beaches: FL holiday vacations near orlando


Top 10 Florida Beaches: FL holiday vacations near orlando Guide to Florida Beaches 1. South Beach, Miami 2. Siesta Key 3. Palm Beach 4. Lover’s Key 5. Clearwater Beach (on the west coast gulf coast) 6. Smathers Beach, Key West 7. Bahia Honda State Park 8. Panama City 9. Sanibel Island (on the west coast / gulf coast) 10. Daytona Beach (near Orlando – only 1 hour north east) Keywords: Top 10 Florida Beaches travel holiday vacations near orlando guide Miami Siesta Key Palm Clearwater Smathers Bahia Panama Sanibel Daytona And here’s some more info, taken from Wiki Travel… Florida Culture Florida is the most southern of all US states and is a unique blend of societies. The northern part of the state is part of the cultural region of The South, where you will find traditional southern cooking, entertainment, dialect, and lifestyles, much as you would expect to find just north in Georgia and the Carolinas. Generally, the more south you go in the state, the more ‘northern’ it seems, and you should not expect to experience ‘southern’ culture everywhere. (For instance, sweet tea- a drink synonymous with “The South” is rarely offered in Florida restaurants south of Ocala. The southernmost Florida Keys offer yet another flavor, full of the slow paced and casual atmosphere of true beach life. All in all, Florida is its own region of the United States in its own right.

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25 Replies to “Top 10 Florida Beaches: FL holiday vacations near orlando”

  1. lianrondi says:

    @TheRivario inveja de voce? Era so o que me faltava, eu ja rodei o mundo meu amigo, falo varios idiomas, sou muito em estruturado na minha vida com uma carreira solida e tenho uma pessoa que me ama de verdade. Por favor quando voce nao tiver o que falar, enfia a tua lingua no buraco do teu “anus” e fecha a tua boca, perdedores como voce nao aguentam mesmo o rojao. Deixa de ser ridiculo, brasileiro é voce seu otario, sudaca da favela, macaco da Amazonia, fica ai nesse esgoto onde é teu lugar rato

  2. TheRivario says:

    @lianrondi Ja falei que a inveja mata heim bichona. Nao vai mais perder meu precioso tempo para responder a um coitado brasileirinho como vce. Vai cuidar dessa sua vidinha mediucre vai,Tenho coisa mais importante pra fazer.cazuzinha frustrada.kkkkkk Adios perdedor.

  3. lianrondi says:

    @TheRivario Cara, seu sudaca idiota, quem quer saber onde voce esteva na sua vida? Voce nao passa de um sudaca frustrado, querendo ganhar e pertencer ao mundo civilizado onde o seu pais ta longe de ser, o que interessa se vc morou na Florida ou na Haiti, voce sera sempre um sudaca de merda, brasileiro que carrega a mancha de ladrao e o apelido de macaco, brazuca que quando nao da, bebe! Deixa de ser otario, nao tem ninguem interessado em saber nada sobre voce nao idiota, poe-te em teu lugar!

  4. TheRivario says:

    Ja estive em quase todas essas praias lindas da florida quando morei la.Saudades!I have been in almost all these places when i lived in Florida. I´m really missing it!!! Hello from Brazil

  5. Msunforgetable81 says:

    Going to Orlando in july to visit family cant wait!

  6. miley99764 says:

    im going to florida in the summer i cant wait its Miami florida and its big buge beach im going with my whole entire family cant wait!!!!

  7. pfctjd says:


  8. PalmBeachPaul says:

    @pfctjd it’s not as much “where” as it is “when”. Well, it’s kind of “where”- I’ve never seen the gulf clear. South Florida– from about Jupiter on down to the Keys. The “when” is from about May – August- hurricane / rainy season, though, so watch out!

  9. pfctjd says:

    Where in Florida do the waters start to get crystal clear? 

  10. simplisticstyle says:

    @Champnumber39 IMO that is 100% backwards. Daytona beach is starting to get run down. Daytona beach is nice if you like to get drunk, drive a quad up and down the beach then get in a fight with one of the many hoodrats hanging out in the area.

    Clearwater is much nicer beach

  11. Champnumber39 says:

    Good job for the most part. Daytona is the best beach by for but clear water is terrible. I’ve been there before and I would have rather been in a week of my Ohio snow rather than spend a week there. And I hate snow with a passion.

  12. drumslayer27 says:

    @mgmanmike i think you’re just a pussy. i’ve lived in west palm my entire life, which is rated like 13th worst city in america or something along those lines. but i’ve never been robbed, mugged, or been car jacked. as long as you stay out of the bad spots you should be fine. and the keys, you don’t need to worry at all, the keys are amazing and the all the people are awesome too. the worst problem here is the drivers suck. but it’s not that bad here, i like it.

  13. MissJocelynne says:

    I’m happy my favorite beaches are not on this list.^_^


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  15. carlieluvsyaxoxo says:

    palm beach is NOT near orlando its like 2 hours away!

  16. carlieluvsyaxoxo says:

    @AJ287772 me too 🙂

  17. AJ287772 says:

    ps and i love daytona thums up dor daytona

  18. AJ287772 says:

    i loever palm beach Fl

  19. TheSlimShaky says:

    (FREE VACATION) Hey, I just took a vacation to the beach and paid for it with money I made off my Youtube video and website. Click on my name to find out how I did it.

  20. nancymillerphotograp says:

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  21. Amyy207 says:

    It looks way better now (;

  22. Amyy207 says:

    I love florida its has good beaches and it doesnt look like that one . (:

  23. mgmanmike says:

    More junkies and crackheads here than anywhere else!!

  24. mgmanmike says:

    South Florida is the ass*ole of the U.S. and is the most corrupt region of the U.S. Please don’t come here!! If you do, you’ll most likely regret it. Just look up “gangsters and thugs” or “cracktown U.S.A.” This is the “DIRTY SOUTH” and people call it that for a reason!! It could and most likely will destroy your life, if you don’t die here. “Go to Florida on vacation, go back home on probation, back to Florida on a violation.” It may look nice in pics, but it isn’t!!!!

  25. mikellee962 says:

    Smathers? A recycled disgusting mucky sea bed. Check your facts again.

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