Tuga Beach Party en Cuba


Tuga Beach Party en Cuba

The annual Festival de Inverno (Winter Festival) 2008 at the Melia las Dunas resort in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. On this particular day we organized the Portuguese “beach party” with the Gente da Nossa group from Canada. Performers were Carlos Galvao, Tony Silveira, Michelle Romeiro & Maria dos Anjos during the TUGA DAY at the beach & at the Plaza Central in the evening. www.gentetv.com
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25 Replies to “Tuga Beach Party en Cuba”

  1. telekinetika says:

    Solo quiero corregir algo, no hay hambruna en cuba, de hecho es el primer pais latinoamericano sin desnutricion…. informe de la unesco, hay que leer un poquito digo yo?? saludos desde guatemala

  2. cubaswiss35 says:

    Que es solo un grupo de ancianos

  3. francisco93802 says:

    Una pena, que los propios cubanos, no tengan acceso a sus propias playas, solamente hay turistas…una injusticia social terrible:.

  4. sanjacinto11 says:

    jajaja muy cierto! purita ballenas jejej

  5. webtiger1974 says:

    porra até em cuba tem de ser azeiteiros.

  6. lvdluis says:

    jodido, junta tus ahorros para ir a ver lo que le dices culitos y dejar de rascarte el culo frente tu monitor en internet jajaja

  7. lvdluis says:

    Pinche jodido 

  8. onedayloverful says:

    what is this?+the planet of apes:)

  9. julio50684 says:

    que mierda la musica de fondo ni siquiera es cubana!!

  10. bluemango2001 says:

    Where are the smart girls????? damn all fat maggots

  11. mosesmoses2000 says:

    jesus is coming soon!!

    Receive Jesus, zoe eternal life. He will cause you to be born again a new creation. 2 cor 517 21, Jn :3 16.

    Vote Ron Paul for President 2012.






  12. reinoaventura1988 says:

    que la chingada esperaba ver culitos cubanos y o sopresa pura pinche ballena!!! AKI ME BAJO!!

  13. amariluna says:

    It looks like they are having fun but why go all the way to Cuba to listen to American and Portuguese music when Cubans have the best music in the world!!! And Im not Cuban. The music they are playing doesn’t compare to the local music. What a waste

  14. waqar7485 says:

    these all naked and dancing people are going to burn in hell.hey human live life like a human don’t act like animals..thanks to Allah i am a muslim

  15. BIGMANTV1 says:


  16. garciacontracting says:

    ¿Y qué me dices de los pobres Americanos? Puede ellos ir a una playa en medio de la nada?
    Es que los jóvenes Latinos no se venden algunos? Es que no hay putas en Europa?
    No jodas, Es cierto que hay limitaciones en Cuba. Es cierto que el gobierno lo controla todo. Yo no soy ciego, pero al Cayo Santa María solo iban antes los carboneros.
    Yo soy cubano y he visto la pobreza de mi pueblo, pero he visto también la miseria de los EEUU, de México, de Panamá, de Bolivia, de Colombia.

  17. ManOWar2Red says:

    You’ll be forty soon enough that you’ll dont notice. Wait before you get past 25, time will go so fast you wont believe it. I’m 28 trust me.


    Regular Cuban are not allowed on this beach, This is for tourist and their money only. The Cuban revolution was for Castro, family and thugs only. A lady known as LAURA POLLAN was just killed in Cuba for seeking Human Rights for here native citizens.

  19. DancingSpiderman says:

    What happened…. I know there are lots of black cubans in cuba…. did security segregate them away from this group? This is a happy crowd, but not a very racially mixed crowd. It must be Good to be white

  20. 203207ab says:

    Has anyone tasted Cuba rum? Havana Club rum is illegal in all 50 States of the United States of America. Buy some in other countries. You will see how wonderful the taste is.  Then laugh at the United States of America. A supposed free country. Alguém provou o rum de Cuba? O rum de Clube de Havana é ilegal nos 50 estados dos Estados Unidos de América. Se você viver em um país onde é legal comprar. Então por favor compre alguns. Então riso nos Estados Unidos de América.

  21. jackson0knollwood says:

    Too bad those commie fags are running the show everything in this video is a facade.. the Russians did the same thing to show how well communism works they call them Potemkin villages. I long to see my ancestral homeland so much in fact i dream about it. but not near as much as dreaming about shitting in fagstro’s cheerios and bitch slapping him

  22. gijoao7 says:

    Nice video
    Lindo video

  23. gijoao7 says:

    Nice video

  24. orquideasbellas says:

    Tiene la razón, podreza para nosotros los Cubanos; por esta razón me fui a vivir a Puerto Rico, donde existe mas de medio millon de Cubanos. Aqui se vive mejor, y nos aceptaron muy bien a nosotros.

  25. Mojito1957 says:


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