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If those words do not mean a little magic to you, you probably need a vacation more than your realize. I spent a large part of my life in California but there is still something special about taking a vacation in Florida that you cannot find anywhere else.

Part of it might be that there is a southern charm to Florida. And certainly there is a huge variety of experiences when you consider that Florida is not just Miami Beach and Disney World but is also Key West and the Panhandle. Down in the Keys, a vacation in Florida means you have almost traveled to that secret South Pacific island you have always dreamed about. Farther north, you are in country where the landscape is shared with alligators and crocodiles. To the west, the Panhandle is the ‘South’ and there is nothing in the world that is like the Gulf Coast area.
A vacation in Florida also means a perfect jumping off point to the Bahamas and is the starting point for your Caribbean cruise. However, not to take a few extra days to visit and see what Florida has to offer is to miss a lot.

If you are a boating and ocean enthusiast, go to Florida of course. If five star hotel luxury is what you need, you will find it on your vacation in Florida. If you want to get back to nature, this is the place.

Florida, South Beach, Miami

South Beach, Miami

People sometimes incorrectly compare taking a vacation in Florida as a second choice to Hawaii or California. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you have visited either of those places, you know they have their own special fun factors. Nevertheless, a vacation in Florida offers experiences that you cannot find in either of those travel destinations. For one thing, Florida is a very short travel especially if you live in the northeast or Midwest. Florida is close and therefore quicker and cheaper to get to.
Another thing is that, in my opinion, a vacation in Florida in offers much more variety. A couple of hours out of the Miami and Dade county area and you are in the Keys. After a trip to watch Jai Alai or the dog races, you can soon be sitting on an almost deserted beach in a little island getaway, fishing for your dinner. What could possibly be sweeter?

Florida offers all the choices of accommodations and things to do that you could possibly want in a vacation. A vacation in Florida. I am telling you, those words can mean magic for you the next time you need to get away.

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