Vacation in Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua , Caribbean


Dan, Stasha, Marco and Yelena vacationing in gorgeous Antigua celebrating Marko’s and Yelena’s wedding, Dan’s birthday and LIFE. Cheers to everyone and yes, we would without question suggest Antigua for your next exotic destination. Great people on a wonderful island. Yeeeee Mannnn:)

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14 Replies to “Vacation in Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua , Caribbean”

  1. mzwilliams0330 says:

    Antigua,my home bolans,my village oh i miss thee…..planning a vacation baq home for my son bday….

  2. c2ucomputers says:

    I got married here 1996 we’re going back in four years time for our 20th anniversary can not wait.
    Was an experience to savour!!
    Best place, people, rum, beaches, sea, food, everything.

  3. loislane7825 says:

    Some people think I’m from the islands… Oh I can’t wait!!!

  4. loislane7825 says:

    I thought this would be nice for us Robert. XOX. But its whatever YOU want. :)

  5. morjeff says:

    Let me know how it is !!

  6. Jennatoomuchlove says:

    I am getting married here Valentines day 2012!!! WOOOO x

  7. chrissytee1 says:

    my mom got married there and i had the plesure of goin 4 2 weeks amazin place loved it so much shirley heights was rockin! nice ppl 2 id luv 2 go bk there sumday the food was great i loved the jerk chicken on the beach i cd eat tha now!

  8. MrMk4life says:

    that’s my home. I’m humbled that you enjoyed it. I miss it so much. can’t wait to go back home

  9. jeffoostapley says:

    Thanks for sharing. My wife and I got married at Jolly Beach Resort 10 years ago. In fact, we’re going back in January to celebrate. It looks like they’ve had quite a few changes.

    The guy at 1:18 of the video….was he a local roaming the beaches? I think he was the guy who rubbed aloe on my sunburn and all my friends made fun of me….rightfully so.

  10. varCaribbeanqueen09 says:

    Awesome job of selling the resort and ROMANCE! I’m sold! Unfortunately my husband/banker tells me that if I want it, I have to win it! I recently qualified for Jimmy & Sue’s “Rush to the Caribbean” contest – at same resort. Fingers crossed, they’ll crown me Variety 104.5’s Caribbean Queen ’09/10. It would be an amazing 14 yr. anniversary gift… white sand beach, turquoise water, ROMANCE..0 kids,0 stress..Ahh!..ROMANCE..all while sporting my crown and sash!:) Congratulations & Best Wishes!

  11. cruiseman40 says:

    thanks for sharing ur video! I was there in July 09 and brings back great memories of Jolly beach!

  12. jackonasher says:

    so did i its i mite know yu i went in feburary n made some friends

  13. 12144282 says:

    very beautiful video !!!!
    complimenti !!!! 🙂

  14. gr1atness says:

    Nice video. I went to Antigua in February and went to the same beach.

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