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Each year, tourists flock to Aruba for a taste of the island’s renowned beaches. At the heart of Aruba’s beach atmosphere is Palm Beach – one of the liveliest beaches in the entire Caribbean. While the soft, white sand and mature palm trees will be noticed at first glance, there are plenty of activities and sites along Palm Beach waiting to be discovered. From families with small children to jet setting couples, there is something for every type of traveler on Palm Beach.

All the best resorts in Aruba can be found along this beautiful stretch of sand, each with rooms looking out over the Caribbean. The presence of these resorts also allows Palm Beach to be the best equipped beach on the island. Public changing areas, lounge chairs and palapas (natural shade umbrellas) can be found up and down the beach. The resorts also groom the beach daily, so you are guaranteed the freshest sand anywhere. You will also notice that many of the resorts maintain exquisite gardens along the beachfront. A stroll through these botanical masterpieces can offer views of everything from rare, tropical flowers to a sunbathing iguanas and waterfalls.

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Most of the resorts along Palm Beach also open their facilities right onto the sand. You will find plenty of outdoor cafes offering snacks and small meals in casual beach settings. There are also plenty of drink stands serving exotic cocktails to enjoy in the shade. Though these areas can sometimes be crowded, many tourists enjoy the exciting atmosphere and make new friends along the way. However, the north end of Palm Beach is known to be much quieter while offering the same outdoor amenities.

Palm Beach features numerous rental shops and tour companies – most located at the beach’s two piers – catering to every water sport imaginable. Adventurous travelers can rent jet skis or windsurfing equipment to glide along the calm Caribbean waters. If you just want to relax, consider one of the charter boats catering to fishermen or swim right off shore in the crystal clear Caribbean. As Palm Beach sits on the leeward side of Aruba, the water is almost always calm and perfect for swimming. There are also several excellent dive sites along Palm Beach for scuba enthusiasts and snorkelers alike. Even if you have never performed any of these sports before, you can find plenty of experienced guides and instructors to get you in the water with confidence.

Unlike other popular Caribbean destinations, the resorts of Palm Beach cater to families. In fact, 13 of Aruba’s finest resorts participate in a kid-friendly program called “One Cool Family Vacation.” These top resorts, most located at Palm Beach, offer special bonuses to children ranging from beach tours to snorkeling excursions. This program also offers lucrative discounts to families looking to rent water sport equipment or take guided tours of the island.

Though Palm Beach is certainly a giant playground for kids, there is plenty of grownup fun just beneath the surface. Parents and couples will certainly want to experience the exotic, ever-expanding Aruban culinary scene. There are several dining programs that allow dedicated and aspiring “foodies” to experience the best of the island’s cuisine. Though you will find many European-style restaurants that rival big city offerings, you won’t want to miss some of the local delicacies. Be sure to try giambo, a spicy seafood gumbo, and pastechi, turnovers filled with cheese, shrimp and plenty of spice.

Though you probably won’t exhaust all the options available on Palm Beach, don’t worry about spending some quality time on the simplest activities. The morning and early afternoon hours are known as the best time to sunbath, while the evenings are perfect for walking the beach and admiring the sites. After all, visitors come to Aruba for the sun and sand (and there is always plenty to go around).

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