Waikiki beach Honolulu Hawaii 2007


Visit to Waikiki beach in Honolulu Hawaii summer 2007

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24 Replies to “Waikiki beach Honolulu Hawaii 2007”

  1. harryjuselius says:


  2. atlasshrugged2u says:

    They act like Waikiki is the only beach in Hawaii lol!!
    There are so many other beaches that are just as nice, but not
    as commercial; much better trust me.
    Mele Kalikimaka Hawaii…

  3. Barbara Lamb says:

    Very nice video. Thanks.

  4. harryjuselius says:

    Thanks ….yess……hj.

  5. TOPGUNCANADA00 says:

    fantastic video

  6. TOPGUNCANADA00 says:

    yes i go through the same thing when i travel, its an aweful disorder

  7. rex cabanilla says:

    ive been here 2011

  8. mrkitanai1 says:

    But the vast majority of the Hawaiians today have mixed blood. There are VERY few PURE Hawaiians left. To me, only the PURE Hawaiians should remain in Hawaii. Everyone else, including part-hawaiians, should get the heck out of Hawaii! Let the pure Hawaiians breed and re-populate Hawaii with pure koko!!

  9. harryjuselius says:

    Yes…awesome video what the VJ 1945 film longer…? hj

  10. Margaret Cabral says:

    You should see this video from 1945
    ” V J Day Honolulu Hawaii August 14 1945″
    my dad was their and hawaii is the same
    now as then except no war.

  11. Margaret Cabral says:

    How was your move to Hawaii?
    How do you like it so far since your move?
    Are you from a cold and snow place?
    I wish I could move thier but to broke.

  12. theendnowbegins says:

    *SNEEZING*!!!! B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!!! It would survive just fine.

  13. harryjuselius says:

    egy remek hely

  14. Norbert Darázs says:

    ott a helyem!!!! :)

  15. harryjuselius says:

    Well…in most cases yes…do not worry…hj

  16. srfin24 says:

    when i was in hawaii, i wanted to come home. but now that im home i wish i was there. is that normal?

  17. harryjuselius says:

    Great news awesome….hj.

  18. 123containerable says:

    I’m going to be moving here with my sis and her husband next weekend! I’m soo excited!

  19. theendnowbegins says:

    And you must be asian or samoan? Yes, i am white but i agree that Hawaii should be a nation of it’s own and land returned to it’s rightful owners, the pure blooded native Hawaiians. Not the asians or samoans who immigrated there in the 1800’s.

  20. auntbecky says:

    Sweetie, it ain’t going to happen. Do you realize that there only about 1,000 “pure” Hawaiians left? Most are hoplessly mixed with white, asian and other groups. Hawaii will always be a state because it would never survive otherwise.

  21. auntbecky says:

    It belongs to all who live there and love the land. btw, you’re probably white yourself aren’t you.

  22. impassable says:

    ABBA! :))

  23. Infidel7153 says:

    Remember what happend the last time a state wanted to secede from the union? Rise up and do what fight the marines and the army and who will rise up the real Hawaiians or the fakes claiming to be Hawaiian ?

  24. theendnowbegins says:

    The Hawaiians are the true locals. The asians and samoans came in the 1800’s, they are not true blooded hawaiians. Yeap the statehood vote was a total scam and illegal, that’s why it’s time Hawaiians group up and riot against the government.You fight and fight, eventually something will give.

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